10 Network Marketing Leadership Principles, Online Or Offline Apr17


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10 Network Marketing Leadership Principles, Online Or Offline

Barry Donalson, million dollar a year earner, was our guest last night on the Lighthouse Marketing System call. Wow! All I can say it that it was one of the best network marketing leadership training sessions I’ve ever heard online or offline Here’s the “cliff notes”… “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” John C Maxwell.” PRINCIPLE 1 No matter how they joined, you have to build a relationship with them. PRINCIPLE 2 There’s only one way of building, and it’s WARM MARKET, whether you prospected them online or off, they have to BECOME warm market. PRINCIPLE 3 You have to know your leaders, no matter what level they’re on.


1. Will not wait until they have a large group to become a leader. They give themselves responsibility early on. 2. A leader will alway appears organized. In front of your organization you must appear organized and efficient, remember: speed of the group = speed of leader 3. An MLM leader will treat people with respect. Always give good opinions of peoples characters, ideas, complaints, fears and successes. 4. You have to learn to put SPECIALISTS in front of your group. It’s better to let other people be the specialist than for you to always be the specialist. 5. An MLM leader will always give more. They’ll take the extra time to help new people get started. They will invest the time to increase peoples belief level. Remember, their first check is BELIEF, the second check is INCOME. 6. You need to understand the importance of personal development for you and your team. Devote yourself to your leaders, get them training instead of you. “If you build your people, your people will build the business.” 7. You have got to become a communication guru. You cannot be IN the loop, you have to BECOME the loop when it comes to communicating with your group. E-mail, text messaging, social networks: you are the switchboard of information. 8. As a leader your appearance must always be IMPECCABLE, even in jeans. You have to look the part. You never know who you might meet. You can’t fly first class with a coach class mentality. You need a presence whenever you walk in a room. 9. Understand proper Event Management. Always arrive early. Save chairs for people in your group. Get the best seats in the convention. You want your team at the front of the room, to feel what you feel. 10. Be aware of the people in your organization that really deserve your time. Work with those that deserve your time, not need your time. Make sure the person is advancing on their own. Make sure they’re not pulling you down. If you help able people, they can help other people. If you help unable people, everybody’s going to sink. You cannot send ducks to eagle school. Remember, you want to build multiple layers of people building the business independent of you.