I was looking at Astropixie’s blog this morning, as I am wont to do whenever she posts anything. Today’s entry is a spectacular animation of what the Earth would look like if it had a ring system similar to Saturn’s (and what those rings might look like from Earth). Definitely worth a look! (And "Ave Maria" as the background music is a perfect choice.) (Disregard the facts that because of our moon and our nearness to the Sun, an Earthen ring system would be an astrophysical impossibility. Still, it’s pretty to look at and imagine Earth with rings.)

HOWEVER…that isn’t why we’re here today, my little snowflakes. No indeed. We’re here because I commented on Astropixie’s blog item, and in doing so, the name of one of her other commenters caught my eye. I don’t know about you, but I very much tend to learn about all kinds of new places and people by following commenters on blogs I follow. So I clicked on Dr. Lemming’s link and followed him over to his blog. I read a couple of his short articles (I don’t envy my Aussie friends for what is shaping up to be a long, hot summer!), then his "Disclaimer" caught my eye. As it was rather long, I wondered what in the world he could be disclaiming. Allow me to share—and I hope you get a kick out of it too.

All opinions, measurements, figures, and facts on this page are the personal opinions of Charles W. Magee, Jr, and do not represent the views of any of his employers: past, present, present-but-about-to-be-past, or future. None of the content herein has been subject to peer review, and should be treated with caution or derision. Any passing mention of OSHA code violations, criminal activities, unethical or unscientific behavior, or the clandestine Australian nuclear weapons program are fictions created to make rhetorical points, and do not represent the reality of my, or anyone else’s, workplace. Do not attempt any scientific protocols described herein at home, with the exception of the chocolate chip cookie recipe. Do not apply the products of that protocol to individuals with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, egg, wheat, dairy, or chocolate allergies. Do not view this blog continuously for more than 45 minutes without stretching and taking other precautions to prevent computer-related chronic injury.

  • Splat Nov 21, 2009, 12:41

    That disclaimer is awesome. I may need to write my own version…

  • Tami Nov 21, 2009, 15:11

    That’s hilarious! What a great find.
    .-= Tami´s latest blog post is Winter Veggie Share #2 =-.

  • Mazil Nov 21, 2009, 17:01

    Haha, that is great! Love the chocolate chip cookie reference.
    .-= Mazil´s latest blog post is On Trying to Do Things =-.

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