Besides football, November is also known for the international obsession known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.1  (There are some who think of it as “Writhing Month.” You know who you are.)


If you don’t want to follow the link above, the graphic pretty much sums up what NaNo is all about. The objective is to write (at least) 50,000 words of a new novel. That is, start with “Once upon a time,” but you don’t necessarily have to arrive at “… lived happily ever after.” This is especially true if you write 60,000 words of an 80,000-word novel!

Last year, I was on the sidelines for NaNo, supporting friends who were taking part. While I did write some NaNo-related articles, I hadn’t really gotten into writing much (and November was a busy month for me last year, as well). This year, though—another story entirely. So to speak.

I intend to fully participate this year. I have a good nucleus of writing buddies, as you can see on my NaNo page. And one of the very cool things we have going are FORUMS! Yep: the Saucy Wenches set up some good old-fashioned forums for us to write about writing in general, NaNo in particular, and just about anything else.

So if you’re going to take the NaNo plunge, share that with us in the comments, and by all means come join us on the Saucy NaNo Forums!

  1. Technical Note: “NaNoWriMo” is an acronym, not an abbreviation. Just thought I’d share.
  • Mazil Oct 12, 2010, 04:43

    Mee-mee-meep, I need to get my act together and add you guys on the NaNo site! And I also work on my outline and post it on the forums and – most importantly – or least importantly? – decide on a working title!

    Scary and exciting!

    • Kestrel Oct 12, 2010, 07:47

      You need to add your NaNo link to the Saucy Forums thread!

      • Mazil Oct 12, 2010, 15:48

        I do indeed! I was still deciding about committing to NaNo, so I didn’t want to get all set up (and pester you guys with friend requests) and then back out. I’ll be onto it this weekend though :D

  • Tzia Oct 20, 2010, 01:58

    I’m also Nanoing. I just poked Kes via Nanomail. And I have everything except a title. Yes, I do realize I’m necro-posting…. but, its Nano info. Yes, its late for me, I’m sleep deprived, hyped on caffeine, and not tired yet.


    Ah well, the more the merrier when things really get insane.
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  • Oestrus Oct 26, 2010, 11:52

    Hey there, Kestrel! You were nice enough to stop by my page and show some love, so I figured I would return the gesture.

    I’m a writer, too and NaNo is something I keep meaning to do one day. I just know I can feel very anxious about my writing and I would feel pressured to create so much work in so little time and if I didn’t, I would feel like I failed, I guess.

    I suppose I should just loosen up and let what comes out come out.

    Good luck with your writing, though! :)
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    • Kestrel Oct 26, 2010, 12:00

      Thanks for stopping by! You know, you don’t have to actually write: Last year, I spent the month as a cheerleader for friends who were taking part; no reason you couldn’t do the same.

      It’s that level of participation that helped germinate the bug inside me to take part this year. You might find that it will inspire you likewise.

  • Oestrus Oct 28, 2010, 10:38

    Last year, I spent the month as a cheerleader for friends who were taking part; no reason you couldn’t do the same.

    I’m not really the “cheerleader” type, although I have been described as unusually perky, on occasion – lol

    But I would like to think I do have morally supportive qualities and could probably pull something like that off, if I’m not already supporting my NaNo participating friends.

    Like I said, I really want to do it, I just need that “something” to hit me and encourage me that it would be OK to do and that I could pull it off.

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    • Mazil Oct 28, 2010, 16:23

      I know how you mean about feeling anxious and pressured… I never feel like I have enough time for my projects as it is, let alone dedicating every spare moment to writing.

      Nevertheless, I am committing myself to NaNo this year. I don’t want to aim to fail, but I know that, realistically, I might not make the deadline. It’s hard, because the deadline is the whole point! But I hope I can be proud of the goals I do reach.

      Anyhoo, I watched these guys take part in NaNo last year and wished I could join in… maybe that might be enough to spur you to join in next year :) To paraphrase various people, you never know what you can achieve unless you try.

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