A Guide To Choosing The Right Hosting For Your Business Mar30


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A Guide To Choosing The Right Hosting For Your Business

Hosting is very important to your online business. Do not fall into the trap of getting cheap hosting and then being confronted by a lot of down time Don’t sign a contract with a web hosting company until you do some research. When you are looking for a cheap web host, you will find there are a number of companies with different types of services. Before you decide which hosting company you will use, review them alongside these points: Reliable: Your host simply has to be reliable. You cannot afford to have downtime. You will lose credibility thus lose sales. Really check out the web hosting company you want to use, reviewing their service completely before signing up. Ask what kind of servers they use and how reliable they are. Read any available testimonials, for this can tell you if that web host is reliable. Good customer support: If you have problems technically at any time, you need to know you have excellent support from your web hosting service. Monthly contract: Ensure you sign only on a monthly basis and not for 6 months or more, and that you won’t be penalized for canceling at any time. Set up fee: Web hosting companies should be happy for you to do business with them, thus you shouldn’t be charged set up fees. Backing up files: Does your new host back up files and how often? It is very important to back up files and good if your host does this as well. FTP access: Some web hosting companies offer FTP access which allows you to upload files to your site, updating your information. When you have changes or additions to make, this is very useful. A good number of email addresses: Make sure you have enough email addresses to service your business. The amount you need will depend on what sort of business you are in. Bandwidth (traffic) allowed: 5GB is the average and all right for most websites. Be sure you know how much you are getting in your web-hosting package. Extra services: Make sure there are no hidden costs with extra services that you aren’t aware of in the main ad for the host. Check with them about all costs. Price: You may pay varying prices for your web host, like between $5.95-$19.95. You should research the services offered compared to the price, which can be between $5.95-$19.95. It isn’t always a bad sign to only be charged a low fee. It depends what you need. Cpanel: With a Cpanel, you can manage your web mail and access stats for your site. It is a helpful feature and is easy to use. Make sure your host has a fast connection: Make sure you will have a host with a fast connection or your visitors who only have dial-up will have trouble. When your visitors only have dial up they will still have better speed if your host has fast connecting powers. This will make a lot of difference to the loading time of your site. Knowing these points will enable you to know the best web hosting company for you. CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE RETURNS TO WEB SITE HOSTING!