A Life of Intense Purpose Jul08


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A Life of Intense Purpose

Not having focus in your life – a purpose or goal – does not serve you or others well. Aimless living creates frustration and keeps you from your true direction. This takes time and reflection. Spend time reflecting on what your hidden desires might be. Your passions matter in life – make sure what you do lines up with your true passions. Finding Purpose Most importantly – take note of what you love and don’t lose it. Letting go of your interests and/or passions can be detrimental. Knowing and understanding what drives you is so important. Use your gifts and talents in the best way possible and take note of how it energizes you. Doing what you love or are passionate about is a way to re-charge your batteries. Make sure you focus on this area – we cannot live with dead batteries – we must recharge. Many people who are miserable have simply not found a way to recharge their batteries.

Surround all activities around your purpose

Find your purpose and then act on it. All that you do should be measured by how it supports your purpose or detracts from it. All actions need to be geared towards your purpose – everything you do can be fulfilling. If you find yourself doing a task that does not suit you well or drains you – make sure you stop that activity or delegate it to someone else. Purpose in life can be to provide or to plan activities for loved ones. These are several examples of purposes in life: Cooking – Creating and designing foods can greatly put you in touch with your creative and tactile traits – if cooking fuels you then delve in and cook. You are the boss; you prepare what you want with the ingredients and flavor combinations you choose. How you prepare the food directly relates to your family’s health and enjoyment as well. Tidiness – Cleanliness is next to godliness – it makes you feel comfortable and happy. Washing clothes, cleaning surfaces, organizing your things, all make you feel connected and in control of your life. All you have to do is prepare and create the environment you choose. This affects health as well. Movement – All movement moves you towards health. Encouraging your family and yourself to move and explore is one of the smartest things you can do. This creates a healthy mind and body. Having a healthy weight and outlook create a stronger family platform for your life and your family’s. All of these activities are examples of things that add to your purpose in life. They support your purpose, drive, and goals. These things in balance do not detract from your purpose in life. Unlike laziness, over-eating, spending beyond your budget, and other negatives like these. Negativity and doing things that do not build your purpose in life can be replaced with activities and choices that build you up. Make sure you are living out your purpose at your place of employment as well. Planning or participating in social events can really affect your outlook and purpose at work. Being part of the bigger picture can help grow your interests at work. Start an activity group in order to plan for upcoming events and festivities at work. Start living your purpose today. Live intensely, with passion, with purpose, with focus, and without things that hinder you and your goals. You will find renewed energy and passion for life and will be the best you can in your life. Go for it – it’s worth your time and investment. You are the best one to take care of you!