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Arthas: Your Days Are Numbered

Arthas: Your Days Are Numbered

Yep, I got my ticket punched to Northrend, and I’ve got you in my sights, you cold-hearted b@st@rd.

And in other news…

Welcome to Day 2 of Wrath of the Lich King! Before I dive back into the game this morning (time to get the rogues’ Mining, Jewelcrafting, Skinning and Enchanting up to speed), I thought I’d briefly recap the past couple days.

I played Wednesday night till about 11pm. No, I don’t recall at all what I was doing. A few dailies, which I planned to turn in as soon as I logged in post-Wrath, cleaning out bags (and then found out yesterday how badly I failed at that little task). Chatting with friends and guildies.

I did change Kestrel’s hearthstone to Stormwind, since I planned to go to the Borean Tundra before Howling Fjord. It seemed like a good idea at the time…except for one small detail: His [item]Mysterious Arrow[/item]s are only available in Shattrath and they are soulbound.[1.Didn’t realize that faux pas until yesterday sometime, but fortunately I was hunting with a boomkin so I didn’t use up all my arrows the first day.]

So I logged off around 11pm Wednesday and headed to Best Buy. Maybe I should have logged at 10:30. Then maybe I wouldn’t have felt a bit rushed1 and I wouldn’t have done the following:

  • The KesCards I made I had secured to the belt clip of my cellphone. Great…can’t forget them that way! Unless, of course, you put the cards down while you clip the phone to your belt. And don’t pick up the cards again!
  • Driving to Best Buy, I was about halfway there when I realized I didn’t have

    cards. Oh well…I’m not that social a person: It would have been difficult for me to just hand them out to strangers anyway (especially if I were sober, and I was). But I also had the feeling I was forgetting something else. As I stepped on the break pedal, I realized I hadn’t put shoes on. Nope, I was still wearing my Wicked Good Slippers! At least there wasn’t any snow melt in the Best Buy parking lot! (But my feet were sure comfy!)

Got to Best Buy and got in line right at 11:30. I figured there were about 75 people in front of me, and I would guess about that many ended up getting in line behind me.2

When I left my house it was 50 degrees (10C); we were in an inversion layer in the valley where I live. At Best Buy it was 45 (according to my car thermometer, which is generally very accurate). There was a bit of a breeze, but for mid-November in Rapid City, quite balmy.

And "balmy" is exactly the way I described the weather on my first of two calls to the Twisted Nether Blogcast voicemail. Listen for them next week!

As we were waiting in line, a Best Buy employee walked down the line, asking if anyone wanted the Collector’s Edition (CE). I asked how many they had; he replied they had 20 left from the original 40 or so received. I rationalized: I’ve never stood in line for a midnight opening before; I’ve never had a collector’s edition. What the hell. So I said, "Sure, I’ll take one!"

Promptly at midnight, the doors opened and we started filing in. There were plenty of copies for everyone, which meant there was no real need to preorder. And the preorder checkout was MUCH longer than the regular checkout, since they had to verify you’d prepaid. There’s a lesson there, my friends. :)

I was home by 12:45 and started installing. Initial installation was very quick, the music and storyboards quite enjoyable. Then I started (re)patching 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. And got a data error. Ran Repair.exe, and it said, basically, things were fubar. At 1am this is NOT what I wanted! So I deleted lich-king.mpq from my Data folder, and started installing again. Flawless install this time. All told, about 30 minutes from slitting the plastic wrap to logging in.

Before long Kestrel had turned in his half-dozen dailies and was in Valiance Keep.3 *sigh* It’ll be interesting to see this place in a month. Right now, it sucks. Hard. The place is much too confined, especially with all the NPCs all over the place. Add in a few hundred questers, and you have total chaos. And that’s before we get outside the city.

Why is it the first day(s) of a game or expansion bring out the worst in people? Parking mounts on top of quest-givers, and going AFK? Crowding around quest-givers not only with mounts, but with HUGE hunter pets too? And let’s not even get into the rudeness of people not observing queues for single-target respawns (I’m thinking the Cultist quest in Valiance specifically). Okay…rant over. You’ve all been there and done seen that.

I explored a bit, did my training (ouch! better take at least 300g with you if you have any professions where you need to learn recipes or patterns; 500g if you have two!), and picked up some quests. Eventually (actually, within about 15 minutes) I headed outside the gates. Saw Rhinos. Kept looking and was suddenly attacked by a bull. Quickly abandoned my wind serpent (I have a Chimaera; the wind serpent was redundant), dropped a freezing trap and began to tame. In 19.5 sec, WoolyBully was mine!

We quested together, my new tanking partner and I, until 4 a.m., at which time I didn’t hit the wall, I slammed into it full force. But I was back up at 9:30 and in game by 10:30. Quested most of the afternoon, and have Kes about 300K from 71. Had tons of fun on my own, then was joined by my friend Kat, and had just as much fun questing with her boomkin.

Last night our friend Swissy (who had to work all day) joined us. We had Swissy’s boomkin, Kat’s mage, and Osprey, and we got about 800K into 71. By 10pm though, we were all tired, and tired of the crowds. There simply weren’t enough mobs for everyone. Rather than get pissed off at the game, other players, and each other, we called it a night and worked on professions. With luck, we’ll hit 71 tonight.

Oh…and WoolyBully? Here ya go:


  1. I didn’t think I was feeling rushed; maybe excited?
  2. By contrast, a fellow Black Hills-area WoW Blogger told me there were around 300 at GameStop in the Mall.
  3. Okay, folks, how do we pronounce this? I say it’s like "valiant" rather than "reliance". Anyone disagree?
  • Ego Nov 14, 2008, 10:31

    Whups, good advice on the professions! Egads, I spent thirty seconds just hitting “next, next, next, next, next” on Jewelcrafting alone.

    Horray for Wooly! I can’t wait to get my hunter in there…but sadly, the thing I’m most looking forward to is the fishing and cooking!

    • Kestrel Nov 14, 2008, 12:42

      Kes will probably do some fishing later this afternoon. And he has to make Cupcakes!! (Made Bad Clams last night.)

  • Myze Nov 14, 2008, 10:35

    You should have named it Megs. You know, seems the thing to do nowadays.

    • Kestrel Nov 14, 2008, 12:42

      Nah; for once, I want to be ahead of the pack. Or herd.

  • Tzia Nov 15, 2008, 14:27

    Kes? Glad you had a good time at Best Buy… even if you did forget the cards, and your regular shoes!

    I’m glad I remembered my purse, since Gamestop was throwing things at the line… The Guy got some stylus’ for his DS… which I will probably steal later on.

    Oh and…

    Tzia´s last blog post: Kes? We had 300!

  • Baila Nov 15, 2008, 17:05

    I would’ve gone for the Collector’s Edition too if I’d been there. For no other reason than the pet!

    /tickle WoolyBully

    • Kestrel Nov 17, 2008, 00:13

      I’m not that crazy about pets; in fact, there’s no really compelling reason to get the CE, for me…except I had never had one. I guess that’s just another Achievement I can check off. :)

      Thanks for stopping by again, Baila!

  • CalDMint Nov 17, 2008, 09:05

    I have and love those slips too. My GF doesn’t exactly agree but I take them everywhere I fly. Perfect for semi outdoor use.

    CalDMint´s last blog post: Approaching the Expansion

  • Avaric Dec 2, 2008, 14:22

    I don’t know if you know this yet or not, but there is a shop in Dalaran that sells the Violet Eye and Scale of the Sands rep ammo. It’s right outside Violet Hold, it’s called Specialty Shots or something like that.

    • Kestrel Dec 2, 2008, 15:17

      Hi Avaric :) Yep, I know that now; didn’t then. Was one of the first things I found when I got to Dalaran. YAY!!

  • Sarai Dec 19, 2008, 17:33

    Taming a rhino was the first thing I did when my hunter hit Northrend too. Gotta love the rhinos!

    I had pre-ordered my CE copy, so I spent the entire morning worrying that I wouldn’t get it til Friday. Shouldn’t have worried, it was here by 1pm. Installation was a breeze, much better than BC when you have to keep switching disks and then have a half-dozen patches afterward. (ok I may be exaggerating ;))

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