Best Gaming Chair of 2021 Jun14


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Best Gaming Chair of 2021

Now, I have been sitting on the Nitro Concepts C80 Comfort chair since I got it for Christmas (of course I didn’t sit 24/7 in it). I have built it up by myself and now give you an honest review.

The box:

It comes in a normal braun box with some NitroConcepts logo on it, or in case of CaseKing (pardon the pun), it has their logo on it.

The content:

Delivered is the chair in parts, an Allen key/wrench, all the screws and whole covers needed, a pictured instructions fold and a guarantee card. The build up:Well, building the chair at first seems easy, and the first couple of parts are fitting nicely. But when you get to the back rest and try to fit it to the arm rests the quality of the chair makes itself present. The leather (artifical: PU ) has some holes cut into where the screw holes are, both on the seat as well as on the back rest.And there is one big issue with that: The leather is loose! The holes are correct in positioning but the leather isn’t fixed to the screw holes (which are sticking out a bit)! So it’s a horried mess to tie the back rest to the arm rest as the leather constantly gets between screws and screw holes. And the unflexible arm rests and seat doesn’t make it better either.

The quality:

That’s the biggest disappointment. I don’t expect it to be natural leather or some hardened alloy, but at least you’d expect some nice quality control and finish on what you have. Not so with this chair. The cold foam padding on the arm rests are so differently shaped between them, that you might think the tailor was drunk. The arm rests themselves, which are supposedly made out of steel (as a DNC technician, I doubt that as they never feel cold to the touch) and lacquered in matt black color, have some rough edges where the material was machined off. The back rest is somewhat crooked, not massively, but somewhat noticeable when looking straight at the chair front from a distance. You’ll see it especially with the plastic – and easily scratched – plastic ring in the back rest. The stitches are tight, too tight. In some cases it bulges the leather and leaves a disturbing image of a slub.The cold foam itself already starts to flatten and loosen it’s density. At least it feels that way. The gas lift cover is the cheapest plasric cover you can buy! Only the base and wheels are somewhat nicely done and have good quality, although there are some rough and sharp edges as well. Proven rocking system? My ass! 15 degrees? MY ASS! At most, I can tilt the chair 5 degrees – on the softest setting. The design:I have the red version with red patches on the side of the seat and back rest. The back rest has a fake but neat looking carbon texture and a plastic glossy black ring. The stitches are all red as well as the outlines of the wheels, rest of the chair is black.Looks nice from a small distance but at closer inspections, the lacking quality introduces itself.

The wear:

After 2 weeks, there is already damage visible on the padding. There is some sort of small plastic tube or liner pushing out of the back rest (it hasn’t punctured yet, but it’s going to be a matter of time). The plastic ring in the back rest already has a scratch, not from falling over but from laying the chair on the floor to adjust the tilt. From laying still on the floor! And the “rocking mechanic”: If you lay back you can feel that the back rest tilts slightly to the right. Why? you ask. Because the holes for the pins which secure the seat- back rest combo to the gas lift system are to big and sloppy drilled.


You’d expect much more quality for around 180 bucks (almost equal in € and around 145 in br. pounds). And I’m not talking material quality but built quality. Especially with their big mouthing advertisement about how premium the chair is. I mean, 80 $ non-gaming chairs can get those things right.Since I got it as present I’m not at fault falling for it, but I’m not mad at the gifting person as she is no expert on gaming chairs. Still, 2/5 overall. I wouldn’t buy it myself. Way to go Nitro concepts! Designed in Germany doesn’t mean shit here, just another proof that you shouldn’t economise on gaming chairs. Maybe get a DX or GT Omega.Read more Show less