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Blizzard Entertainment | Kestrel's Aerie

Blizzard Entertainment | Kestrel's Aerie

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Blizzard: You’re Joking, Right?

Last night, shortly before I logged, I sent Talons, one of my alts, to the Auction House in Ironforge to get a Dream Shard: I needed four to enchant a new weapon for Falken, my Rogue, and only had three in the bank. I verified (even over Skype to two friends) that my buyout bid…

Blizzard Steps Up Anti-Griefing Measures

Thanks to Matticus, via Twitter, for the tip to this thread on the official Customer Service Forum: Raid Harassment. The thread is notable for a couple reasons: First, it illustrates how easy it is for someone to ninja a Raid ID. Second, two new/modified Blizzard policies were announced. On the first point, very quickly: A…

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