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blog comments | Kestrel's Aerie

blog comments | Kestrel's Aerie

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Intense Debate Now Active!

Next time you visit the Aerie, the comments section will look a bit different than in the past: I’ve just installed and activated Intense Debate (ID), a blog commenting system to enhance reader engagement and interaction. In addition to the same threaded comments presentation and ability to subscribe to comments and replies, ID now includes…

Caught In A Blogging Black Hole

Everyone should know what a black hole is, but in case you don’t, allow me to describe it in what can only be described as “layman’s terms.” A black hole exists (usually) where a star has collapsed on itself, and all the mass of the star has likewise collapsed into a very, very small volume….

Support Your Local Blogger!

We Get Mail! Today, I got my first-ever fan letter. As I told Anna, if a manly man such as myself could squee, I’d be squeeing. And then, I actually did squee to Bre. But honestly, I’m simply beaming.  Occasionally, I receive email via my Contact Form. Almost invariably, it’s a request to participate in…

How to Make Your Blog Reader-Friendly

"Whaddya mean, ‘reader-friendly’? It’s in English, what more do you want?" Let’s start with why we blog (well, why most of us do, anyway): We want to establish a rapport with our readers, and we want to interact with them. The genesis for this post was Brajana’s article on tips to improve blog usability at…

2K Comments – Thanks everyone!

In this case, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words. How about 2,000 comments: each of them a conversation between you and me. Amazingly, we’ve accomplished this feat just 8 days short of the Aerie’s second anniversary! Thank you, every one of you great readers!   

Friday Five: Absolutely Must-Have WordPress Addons

Welcome to the third installment of Friday Five! I don’t know about you, but I’m rather impressed with myself for keeping this going for three weeks in a row! Last week, as you may recall (the link is there in case you don’t), I showcased a handful of addons intended to enhance your interaction with…

Preemptive Moderation: Biting the Hand That Feeds You

This isn’t exactly the post I intended to write after being away for a couple weeks, but since I still don’t know what that post would be, this will have to suffice. My Frustration A few minutes ago, I posted attempted to post a comment to a blog I read regularly. It’s a very popular…

Anonymous Commenters: Unwelcome, and Not Allowed

I was going to post a comment in this regard to another blog, but I thought that might be creating more drama than it’s worth. I love comments on my blog, even if I don’t agree with them (or if the commenter doesn’t agree with me). It means I’m being read, and what I had…

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