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Cataclysm | Kestrel's Aerie

Cataclysm | Kestrel's Aerie

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WoW Cataclysm: One Week In

With the servers down for weekly maintenance, I’ll join many of my fellow bloggers and discuss my impressions of Cataclysm a week into the latest expansion of World of Warcraft. The Shattering First, kudos to Blizzard for one of the smoothest major patches (or patches of any flavor) in the six-year history of the game….

(VERY) Preliminary WoW 4.0.1 Specs

UPDATE (10/12): Revised all specs to 36 points, rather than the full 41 initially shown. This was done to reflect the reality of 4.0.1, which of course doesn’t include levels 81–85. I also mades some changes in talent selections based on further research. Disclaimer: I have not been in the Cataclysm Beta. I have never…

A Cataclysm is Coming

Yesterday, Blizzard announced the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, called Cataclysm, will be released on December 7. As is my habit, I did not enroll in the Cataclysm1 beta test, nor have I participated on the public test realm (PTR) for patch 4.0.1, which should go live in a week or two. Or three….

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