Facebook Features New System: FB Verified Pages & Profiles Jun20


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Facebook Features New System: FB Verified Pages & Profiles

Facebook has launched its new feature today regarding Verified Pages and Profiles. Through this newly launched system, you can the original and authentic pages and profiles of celebrities & Famous peoples. This new system is called FB verified pages and profiles. Facebook is doing several changes and new inventions in the social networking site, and the new feature called Facebook Verified Pages and Verified Profiles will help people in finding the real match through FB search. You can use this new feature to find the authentic and real profiles of your favorite celebrities, politicians, actors, actresses, singers, magicians, producers, directors, models, journalists, sportsmen, sportswomen, government political figures, popular brands and other businesses. Hence the newly launched Faebook system is great and will reduce the popularity of fake celebrity accounts. There is a different between verified pages and unverified pages, which verified pages have a small blue check mark beside the names of celebrities on their timelines. You will also find these blue check mark in the search results, and it will enable you to observe that the celebrity account or page is real (belong to celebrity) or fake. If you have created a verified page, then you will see also some different in page fans, which will increase on a higher rate. The latest update of Facebook regarding verified pages and verified profiles is roaming in the account timelines, and Facebook is giving a chance to prove yourself as a celebrity or famous business tycoon. Facebook has now become a much popular social networking site in this modern age. But after getting popularity, the Facebook System has become strict and costly. According to the new rules and regulation, you have to pay for the advertisement or sharing your page post in a publicity manner. Facebook is earning a lot of money, and its revenue is being more and more with the passage of time, as it is charging for almost every action taken for the advertisement purpose. The new FB system will reduce the spam, and the people who have made the fake celebrity facebook pages, will face trouble for giving the real identity.