Facts About The Authority Formula Jun23


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Facts About The Authority Formula

Those people looking to make their businesses more successful need a resource that will guide them in whatever they are doing in order to achieve their objectives. One of these resources is the Authority Formula. This is a training program consisting of 12 modules that is designed for those who want to start a business or are already in one. It provides them with the information that will guide them when it comes to differentiating their business and positioning themselves in the market in order to be the best. The Authority Formula focuses on the steps through which a business person can achieve a “Trusted Authority” status in their markets. This will allow the users to not only find out how to sky rocket their charge but also to attract different types of prospects. This program is based on the experience of Greg Habstritt, who has had an experience of over 20 years in entrepreneurship. He has created four different businesses in four different industries and has made over a million dollar net worth in each. With the skills and knowledge of the years, he has come up with the various types of secrets and strategies that can be used in different businesses to make it successful. There are quite a number of reasons for selecting the Authority Formula. For starters, it has proven its success by enabling Mr. Habstritt sell more than $1.7 million from the stage at a single event, $3 million from a teleseminar call and 2 emails. With the strategies in the Authority Formula, Mr. Habstritt climbed the ladder to become one of the top five real estate agents in the market, less than a year after obtaining his real estate license. It also helped him create one of the most significant events in the World that brought together a number of the top business leaders and idols. When using the strategies and the tips in this program, Mr. Habstritt hourly consultation fee increase from $200 to $1,825 in a term of less than three years. With the Authority Formula, the users will be presented to a number of modules that come with different types of video training sessions, complete Mp3 audio and a word by word transcription of the videos. The users will also have to undertake assignments and exercises available for each module. The comprehensive training modules can be easily downloaded from a private member training site. Other aspects they will be provided with include a weekly live question and answer call with Mr. Habstritt, where he answers all the questions that the students have as they are going through the modules. They will also have a chance to get on the “Hot Seat” calls with Mr. Habstritt, where he will undertake a live coaching lesson. They will also be provided with a 3-part quick start program that will enable they determine their strengths and talents so that they can easily align and adjust their businesses and targets with their skills and passions. With the Authority Formula, they will develop the insight and vision of the type of business they want and the type of life they will lead.