How Spokeo May Be Making Money from Your Fear, Not Your Information Jun12


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How Spokeo May Be Making Money from Your Fear, Not Your Information

It should be noted that this is just speculation. The other day my friend sent me a link to Spokeo, a new find people for free website that is designed, in many ways to be a detailed phonebook. By searching for someone’s first and last name, you can find a considerable amount of free information on where someone lives, their email, their phone number, marital status, and much, much more. Now, to be fair to Spokeo, they are not disseminating anything that cannot already be found for free online by an intrepid searcher. However, Spokeo – as well as other search people for free sites – do show you the dangers of the Internet. When you see all of the information about you in one place, it can be scary. It can even be a little creepy. And all of those fears may be 100% on purpose. What You Will Find On Spokeo’s Profile Removal Page Spokeo gives you the option to remove your profile, and there is obviously no one that turns them down. It’s scary to think what people can find about you on these search people for free websites, and even if little information is currently available, there is always the possibility that some information will be available in the future. Yet if you look at that page you immediately find something suspicious: “Spokeo cares about data privacy. We have partnered with ReputationDefender, a leading privacy protection agency, to help you control and remove your information on hundreds of other people search sites. Click the banner to get started.” Spokeo is promoting a product that would render their own website obsolete. Though they have not confirmed it directly, it becomes clear that the fear that people get from finding all of their information online on these search people for free websites is often great enough that people are willing to pay another company to keep their information private. Rather than a find people for free website like they claim to be, it appears that Spokeo may simply be an extremely clever way of motivating you to purchase ReputationDefender, rather than the search people for free site it claims to be.