I Lack Discipline and Ask Too Many Questions Jun07


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I Lack Discipline and Ask Too Many Questions

Last summer in a lecture my professor Robert Kalm said that we should “…question everything. It is the only way to become a good writer.” I should have known way in advance that I would be a journalist. Simply because I ask to many questions. Since I can remember I have always asked to many questions. For me a good journalist also asks a lot of questions and doesn’t just take yes or no for an answer. In J-School my teachers and professors said never to ask open-ending questions. The questions that lead to one word answers. I haven’t liked any of my blogs (as I write infrequent), or websites in terms of the design of the site. I used different forms of sites such as googlepages to host a website for my work. I was never satisfied with any of the web site templates. I didn’t think I would ever be happy with my web site design until I actually designed it myself. There are a number of sites that are distracting for their visitors. A web site should be about the content displayed rather then the design of the site. If the web site provides the information “content” it’s suppose to then the writer is doing their job. For my old blog that I didn’t blog for that much it was designed in pink, was girly and included a lot of flowers. In my professor’s lecture he asked a number of questions “What does your photo say about your messages? What does your background say about your words?” I never thought about the theme, design or font I was using on my sites to a large degree. If I liked the color and design of the theme then that was it. I never took into consideration the topics I discussed and impact the theme or color scheme of my site may have on my audience. I agree and understand that writing is a discipline. In the first chapters of On Writing Well the author William Zinsser describes being on a panel with a doctor turned writer. It was funny to hear the different responses Zinsser and the doctor had for the audience on writing. The doctor made writing seem like a glamorous career. In the chapter Style Zinsser notes that “a writer will do anything to avoid the act of writing,” (pg 20). I am a slacker when it comes to writing unless I make a schedule for myself. So I definitely agree that writing is a discipline.