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What I’m Tweeting: Win7 and Other Topics

As you know, Twitter is a way to microblog in 140 characters or less. But sometimes, 140 just aren’t enough. Here are some of my thoughts from earlier today, with a bit of expansion. I should note that most of my comments are directed at the larger part of my audience: Home users, hobbyists, gamers….

Google Chrome for Mac

Back in my PC days, I played around with Google Chrome a little bit. I liked it well enough, but it clearly wasn’t (and in my opinion, still isn’t) "ready for prime-time." The main reason for my decision to uninstall it was the lack of usability I’ve come to depend on with Firefox and its…

For Better or For Worse…I’m a Mac

At this time yesterday (Wednesday) I had no intention of writing this article. In fact, today’s post was going to be “Meanwhile, Back In WoW.” Guess that’ll have to wait till tomorrow or next week. For quite some time, I’ve been having “issues” with my PC. In World of Warcraft, for example, I’ve done two…

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