My Top 7 Take-Aways From The Money, Marketing And Soul Intensive Jan31


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My Top 7 Take-Aways From The Money, Marketing And Soul Intensive

Just got in from four fabulous days with Kendall SummerHawk at her Money, Marketing And Soul Intensive. As expected, the workshop was a whirlwind of coaching, community… and Money, Marketing And Soul wisdom. Like many of you, one of the most important parts of any event for me is… the content! For me, the community and connection at an event is always made sweeter when they are accompanied by a fat binder full of notes. (I blew through nearly an entire notepad this weekend, so that’s covered.) In that spirit, in this week’s article I thought I’d share 7 of my favorite take-aways. These are my personal “a-ha!”s, the things that moved me from “just thinking about it” to taking action even before the weekend was over.

1. Clarifying your niche is an active, ongoing process.

The question of “Who do I work with and what problem(s) do I solve?” is never answered for good – indeed, you must go back to it with each and every new product or program that you launch. (The great news? Since it’s an ever-evolving process, you have permission to stop churning and just choose already!)

2. To make more mo’ney in your business

you MUST do things differently. Your current income is simply a reflection of your past beliefs, feelings and actions. A good Bold Money Goal is one that will require you to think – and do – differently so that you can get different results. (Note: this usually means giving up the control freak tendencies and working less, not more.)

3. If it’s effortless, you MUST charge more.

How often have you found yourself saying, “Oh, it’s no big deal, it’s easy for me?” We tend to undervalue what comes easy to us and as a result, give away our greatest talents and gifts. If something comes easy to you, that’s your cue to charge MORE, not less. (Personally, I have to stay on top of this in a big way. In other news, my fees for writing have gone waaaaay up…)

4. If it’s not working, you MUST let go of it… and quickly.

Your ability to move forward fast is directly related to your willingness to let go of what isn’t working (and what you’re tolerating). This goes for both in and out of business. Letting go is a skill to be practiced daily.

5. First and foremost, you money is in your creativity.

When it comes to your profitable soul-based business, creativity trumps all else, including your time AND “the list.” (Compare that mindset to those who say, “It’s all about the list.”) Do you have a place where you can unplug completely and tap into your inner resources, to create the valuable products and programs that will translate into income? Even if your business is strictly service-based, you must find time and space to refill the well.

6. Take a big-picture view of your business.

Entrepreneurial flexibility is a very good thing (and you’ll always be going with the flow, to a certain extent)… BUT. Stepping up means getting out of “flying by the seat of your pants” mode and creating a plan for your income using a proven business model. The more disciplined you are with your planning, the more freedom you have to create the results that you want.

7. What serves you serves others.

Feeling nervous about letting an underperforming team member? Do you need to have a sit-down with a client about late payments? Are you letting other people’s priorities come before your own? When it’s time to stand in your power and you find yourself getting squirrely, remember that what serves you, serves others. Stand firm! (One of my favorite quotes from Kendall over the weekend went something like this: “If you’re letting other people’s priorities come before your own, you might as well just hand them your checkbook.” Amen.) Bonus Tip: How to make your days focused, calm and productive: Stop multi-tasking! Ask yourself, “If I was only doing one thing at a time, which would I do first?” (I love this question!) Either drop the rest, or hand them off to someone else.