NetHosting Review Jun06


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NetHosting Review

As with any business the best way to reach the customers is through a very good marketing and viewing forum. NetHosting is one of the most innovative and exceptional ways to activate this high quality advertisement for the public. NetHhosting has several options to choose from as it sits today. There are emails, URLs, Google webmaster tools and even custom web counters at your fingertips. One is the personal NetHosting site. This can be used for almost anything that an individual might have a desire for. The content is up to the customer of course. The NetHosting server and corporation that runs them are able to acommdate almost any kind of personal NetHosting site a person could want. They offer several great options for the personal NetHosting sites that you can find with the companies you will find when beginning your search for a NetHosting company. You can never glean too much knowledge when looking for something that is going to move you closer to complete success. As a basic idea of what is out there in the NetHosting world the customer can get 15 GB of storage, 250GB of transfer data, a single hosted domain, up to 50 emails with a 3GB mailbox all for about an average of five dollars a month. For this money most NetHosting companies will give a single domain, free set up, shared hosting, unlimited subdomains, custom web counter, spam filter and protection, virus protection that keeps their servers,your computer and those of your customers safe from all viruses. In addition some can offer a control panel which allows the customer complete access to their NetHosting site to manage, add on, delete, edit and put new pictures into the page. Another stage to be had is a business NetHosting site. These are generally larger because in business there is more to offer to the public. NetHosting for business can give you two domains, 200GBs of storage, ten separate NetHosting domains, unlimited FTP account, Blackberry push, your choice of an annual rate or a monthly rate for the server usage. The NetHosting companies also offer about 250 separate email addresses. This allows each employee to have their own and there is no need for a single person to sort through them. There are even good deals on additional databases within the same realm. In addition to these great genres of sites there are some NetHosting companies that offer other items for the fee they charge. It is possible to find some with a site wizard that will walk you through the NetHosting building steps. It will show you the ins and out of SMF, a professional software package that allows you to set up your own community. There are image manipulation tools that gives you control of your NetHosting pages. Make the images come alive with your own imagination. Plant small prints with a thumbnail generator and even have use of their HTML validation tools. With so much to use in place intertwined with the price quote, you cannot go wrong using one to jump start your business.