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Obsidian Throne: WIP Update #5 | Kestrel's Aerie

Obsidian Throne: WIP Update #5 | Kestrel's Aerie

Obsidian Throne: WIP Update #5


Nothing to see here…move along.

So yeah…nothing to report on Throne because I haven’t looked at it since I last posted. I have done a bunch of other stuff, though (including a bit of writing), so I’ll talk about all that instead. Fair enough?

Reading and the Library

These two things kinda go hand-in-hand (which makes sense, no?). For the first time in my adult life, I got a library card last week.1 Before then, I either bought the books I read (or received them as gifts) or I didn’t read. And in fact, I read more books last year than I’d read in the preceding ten. Years. No, I’m not proud of that fact.

Quitting WoW definitely freed up more time for reading (which was a major contributing factor to my decision to quit). But I also “discovered” an author whose works, for some reason, I’d passed up when they were contemporary. That author is Spider Robinson, and those works are the “Callahan’s” series. Tami recommended them quite highly a couple times, so while we were in New Zealand last month, I grabbed Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon for my iPod via Amazon’s Kindle app. I was hooked.

So once I finally got my library card, I immediately headed for Fiction: Ro and grabbed a couple of the books. Then I realized there was a sequence to them. So I went back to the library the next day, and got all the Callahan’s books I’d passed up the first time. However, one of them was not to be found, either in the libary or online for purchase. Fortunately, Tami came to my rescue once more, and is loaning me a copy of Callahan’s Touch. Tami is my hero.


Just because I haven’t touched Throne in a week or so doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I was halfway through Callahan’s Key when two things happened. The first was that I realized I needed to read all the Callahan books, in order. The second was a flash of inspiration: I wanted to write something set in the Callahan’s universe, something contemporary, and something that included a character I’d only just met in Key, but one who really sparked my imagination. So, that’s where my writing energy has been focused for the past week or so.

Originally, I thought I’d write a short story, but I’m starting to hit short story length, and I’ve barely begun. Part of the issue (it’s not a problem, by any means!) is that I’m getting to know my characters. This is being written in first person by a person not of the Callahan’s universe, but the Callahan’s character2 makes an early, and remarkable, appearance. Yes, we’re talking “fan fic” here. And mostly, I’m writing for my own amusement and enjoyment, rather than to share with very many people.

Don’t worry, though: I haven’t abandoned Throne. I just needed a bit of space. I’d actually intended to work on it some today (and may yet), but I wanted to post something here as well. I have a pretty good new beginning (still a couple things I want to tighten up, but I can do that forever: it’s time to move forward!), so I’m comfortable with moving ahead. Expect a real update next week!


Sadly, I can’t fill all my waking hours with writing and reading. There comes a saturation point (also known as boredom). I used to fill a lot of that time (and a lot of my writing, and almost all of my reading time) with WoW. But I uninstalled WoW. I don’t particularly enjoy TV or movies during the day, so I needed something. I found a pretty nice Solitaire game for the iMac. *yawn* That’s good for fifteen or twenty minutes.

I also started playing online poker again (I’d played, years ago). I play at PokerStars, and I’m not very good, although I’ve been doing better lately. I can do that for maybe an hour.

Then I read that EA was set to release the latest iteration of Tiger Woods Golf, featuring Augusta National, home of The Masters (“A Tradition Unlike Any Other”). EXCELLENT! Except…only for PS3,Wii, and XBox 360. Guess who doesn’t own a gaming console? So I started doing some research on consoles. One son has a PS3 (which, of course, also has a BluRay drive for movies!), another has a Wii.3 I quickly eliminated the Wii: It just didn’t have games I was interested. Or, to put it better, the games I might be interested in weren’t available for the Wii.

But then I thought, do I really want to spend $300-400 on a console, then $50 or so on each game? Of course, I can rent games, but still…that up-front, sunk cost was holding me back. While chatting with one of my friends about my dilemma, we got to talking about WoW, and casual play. Like…rolling noobs on another server. One thing led to another, which led to me resubscribing, downloading and reinstalling, and…rolling noobs on another server.4

So now I have something to do during those periods in the middle of the afternoon when I’m between writing and reading, or otherwise bored. But I don’t have to worry about turning down guildies night after night to run heroics, and I sure don’t have to worry about raiding. I can simply what I enjoy most: Doing quests, raising professions, and having fun. Furthermore, I opted for the three-month subscription this time, instead of six. If I find myself spending more time in WoW than I am currently planning, I have until midsummer to figure it out.

  1. Full disclosure: When I was in the Air Force, I often used the Base Libraries, but we didn’t need library cards there. But I’ve been out of the Air Force since ’94.
  2. For those of you familiar with the Callahan’s series, it’s Erin, daughter of Jake and Zoey.
  3. I dunno if the third son has a console at all; if he does, it’s probably an XBox, just to be contrary.
  4. Quel’Dorei, if anyone reading happens to play there. Our guild name (Alliance Side) is The Misfits.


2 Responses to Obsidian Throne: WIP Update #5
  1. Tami
    March 25, 2011 | 16:33

    *giggle* Do I get spandex and a cape?

    Tami recently posted…Be Today The Person You Want To Be TomorrowMy Profile

    • Steve
      March 25, 2011 | 16:44

      I can see you in a cape. Spandex? No one looks good in spandex.

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