Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder review Jun10


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Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder review

Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder is the new camcorder from Panasonic costing 230 dollars. This camcorder has a 2.7 inch LCD display on it for the user to see the recorded content. The accessories that come along the Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder are Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder itself, Rechargeable Lithium ion batteries which are used for powering the camcorder, Videocam suite version 3.0 software, the power adapter, the USB cable for connecting it to the PC or laptop, Audio Video cable and the instruction manual for the user. The optical zoom provided by Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder scales up to 70 times the actual image and the digital zoom is 50 times that of what is provided by the optical zoom as the digital zoom provided goes up to 3500 times of the actual image. This allows the user to capture objests which are far away from his position. This zoom feature makes this camcorder as the default choice for wild life photography. There is Panasonic wide angle lens in this camcorder, which helps in capturing more natural pictures. The 0.125 inch CCD image sensor takes care of capturing crystal clear, razer sharp pictures. Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder has intelligent auto mode available, which automatically changes the exposure and focus of the camera and thus it allows the user to capture precision image. Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder has Dobly digital stereo and AAC recoding as this provides the user with good quality audio captured along with good quality video. There is a microphone available on the camcorder which helps the user to capture audio also. There multiple card slots available in the camcorder. The USB port supported is version 2.0 compatible and thus it allows the user to do a fast image transfer from the camcorder to the Personal Computer. Panasonic SDR-S50K Camcorder has built in optical image stabilization available in this camcorder thus it makes the noise reduction in the captured picture and makes it more clear, sharp and clarity. The photo mode available in the camcorder allows the user to capture 640 X 480 pixels resolution images with an aspect ratio of 4 : 3 and there is also 16 : 9 aspect ratio mode available with 640 X 480 pixels resolution. The spare parts warranty is covered for one year and the CCD image sensor is covered by a warranty of 6 months and the labor warranty coverage is for 90 days from the date of purchase. The still resolution extents up to 0.3 mega pixels. Panasonic SDR-S50K camcorder does not have high definition recording feature nor does it is water proof. There is no touch screen capability either. This is just the simple camcorder with which the user can capture some special moments and make them as remembered over years.