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Want an Invitation to Google Plus?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! The first 149 people who click the link below and accept may join Google Plus, the (relatively) new social sharing service from the search giant. If you’re not familiar with G+, as we pioneers like to call it, it has some similarities to Facebook, except it’s better….

Oh, sure, just blame me!

If, for some odd reason, you’re unfamiliar with xkcd, add it to your feed reader. Then, be sure you let your mouse cursor hover over the cartoon below.  

An Article A Month

I was considering a total ripoff of the Reader’s Digest long-time motto (“An article a day of lasting significance”1), but I don’t flatter myself that much. However, it seems I can be moved to write here on a monthly basis lately, at best. Perhaps I’m boring myself, and fear spreading that ennui to the rest of…

My Experience With A Standing Desk

Before we go any further, you may be wondering just what is a standing desk? The “duh!” answer is that any desk stands on the floor…doesn’t it? Well, yes. But in this case, I’m talking about a desk at which you stand to work, rather than sit. Last Sunday, I read Gina Trapani’s account of…

How I’d Fix Major League Baseball

As I was folding laundry on Friday, I happened to catch ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” hosted by Bob Ley. The discussion centered around the idea that Major League Baseball’s (MLB) playoff system—specifically, the wild card concept—is flawed. The immediate case under discussion is the situation in the American League (AL) East, where the New York…

Signs of the Times

It’s just after 8 a.m. on Thursday morning. My wife and I are waiting for the appliance repairman to come and swap out the motherboard in our GE refrigerator. I am trying to decide if I’m annoyed. He just called to say he’d be a few minutes late, and apologized that he had a few…

O, Canada!

If I weren’t an American, I’d want to be a Canadian. I used to think I’d want to be an Aussie, or a Kiwi. But the past fortnight has brought home to me just what wonderful neighbors we have to the north. I’ve been privileged to count Canadians among my friends for many years; I’m…

Fiddly Rules

One of the websites I follow is Copyediting, and in fact, it is listed in the Aerie’s Resources (a very incomplete listing, by the way). A feature of that site is a series of short podcasts under the heading, “Fiddly Rules.” (In case you’re curious, as I was, “fiddly” means fussy or requiring an annoying…

Great Wallpaper Site

Lifehacker recently polled its readers for their choice of top wallpaper site on the web. After trimming the votes to the top five sites, the votes were tallied and InterfaceLIFT won out with 36 percent of the total. It didn’t take me long to input parameters such as "Widescreen" and my laptop’s resolution to find…

Recommended Reading: November 17-30

I missed last week; no excuse. I simply forgot! [recreading]  

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