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How to Redirect Blogger to Your WordPress Blog and Update Your Blogger Identity | Kestrel's Aerie

How to Redirect Blogger to Your WordPress Blog and Update Your Blogger Identity | Kestrel's Aerie

How to Redirect Blogger to Your WordPress Blog and Update Your Blogger Identity

If you’re like me, you get frustrated with Google’s Blogspot platform when it comes time to comment, if your blog is not hosted by Google. This is especially true if you used to be hosted at Blogspot. We generally are offered several identity choices, including, finally, the “Name/URL” option. And each time we comment, we have to type in a name (heaven forbid you mistype!) and the URL of our current blog. Then when our comments are posted, there’s no custom avatar (or gravatar) by our comment. To add insult to injury, in most Blogspot templates, it’s pretty difficult to realize your name is linked to your blog.

Today’s post will help you overcome that issue by first, redirecting any traffic from your Blogger blog to your current blog or website (whether it’s WordPress, self-hosted, TypePad, or even (heaven forfend!) Facebook or Myspace!), and then, help you change your Blogspot identity to reflect your “real” (or at least current) virtual self.

I wish I could say I figured all this information out on my own, but that wouldn’t be accurate, by half. In fact, I was reading an article by the always-excellent Daniel Scocco ( @danielscocco) at Daily Blog Tips regarding selling a Blogspot blog.1 The part that really got my attention, though, was a link to an article at WebUpd8 that describes how to redirect your Blogspot blog to another domain name.

For the complete process, including how to redirect individual posts on your old Blogspot blog, read the article at WebUpd8. I’m just going to cover two shorter points on redirecting from the main blog, and how to update your name to reflect a more current identity.

Redirect Blogger to New Domain

First, navigate to and be sure you are logged in. You should now be at the Dashboard, which looks like this:

Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Dashboard

Click the View Blog link, then click Customize in the upper right. You should now be on the Edit Layout page:

Blogger—Edit Layout

Blogger—Edit Layout

Select “Edit HTML” (circled in red). You’ll be taken to a page containing the template code for your site. If you’ve never played around with this file (or anything like it), don’t be intimidated. If you can copy and paste, success is assured!

First, find the <head> tag. It should be about 6 lines from the top, and indented one space:

Editing the template code

Locate the <head> tag

Place your cursor immediately after the tag (as mine is in the shot above) and hit your Enter key once. This will create a new, blank line in your template. Copy the following, and paste it into that blank line:

<meta content='4;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/> 

In the line above, “4″ is the number of seconds before the redirect occurs; you can change this to any number greater than zero, but 4 works very well. Now, change “” to your actual domain name. In my case, that would become “”. Don’t include the quotation marks, and don’t remove the trailing slash. If your blog is at, then be sure you add /blog/ (or whatever the actual home page URL is).

If this is all you want to do, you can click the “Save Template” button, and you’re done! However, if you still have posts on your Blogspot blog that you’d like to have redirected to your current blog, go to the article at WebUpd8 and follow the additional instructions there to redirect individual posts.

Optional: Tell People They’re Being Redirected

In this step, you can put up a notice on your Blogspot blog that your readers are being directed, or anything else you may want to communicate. Here’s how:

Open your Blogspot template editor again, using the process described in the preceding section. This time, you’re going to find the <body> tag, which is fairly close to the end of the file. I found it by hitting Cmd-F (Ctrl-F in Windows) and typing “<body>” in the Find window. Once again, place your cursor after the tag and hit Enter to create a new blank line. Then copy and paste the following into that space:

<div style='position: absolute; top: 30px; left: 30px; border: solid 2px #333; color: #000; background-color: yellow; padding: 5px; width: 400px; z-index: 5; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: large;'>
<p><strong>My blog has moved!</strong></p>
<p>You will be automatically redirected to the new address. If that does not occur, visit<br/> <a href=''> <strong></strong></a> <br/> and update your bookmarks.</p>

Once again, replace “” with your blog’s actual URL in both places. You can also alter the text between <p></p> tags to anything you like. Then remember to “Save Template.” I left mine as is; here’s a shot of what it looks like:

Blogspot "You are being redirected"

"You are being redirected"

Optional: Update Your Blogspot Name and Icon

Previously, my Blogger name was “Kestrel,” and of course, that’s how my posts are signed here. However, as I comment on many blogs that aren’t WoW-related, I’d prefer not to use my WoW persona. And the whole purpose of this exercise, for me, was to allow me to comment on Blogspot blogs with the least fuss and muss, to use my real name, and to link to this blog as easily as possible. Therefore, I have changed my Blogger ID from Kestrel to Steve Hall (yes, for those of you not astute enough to have already figured it out, or didn’t care, that is my real name! *grin*).

To do this yourself, once again navigate to your Blogger dashboard. This time, click the Edit Profile link.

Blogger: Edit User Profile

Blogger: Edit User Profile. Note that your display name can be the same as your user name!

Previously, my Display Name was Kestrel. I’ve changed it to Steve Hall. As noted on the screenshot, I could have simply left it as Steve, if I didn’t want to use my full name.

Finally, if you want to change your photo, click the “Remove Image” link. You’ll then be prompted for a new photo. Clicking the “Edit Photo” link on the Dashboard will bring you to the same spot on the Edit Profile page, incidentally.

And that’s all there is to it! Of course, there is a minor drawback (for me): If I comment on a WoW blog, I’d prefer to use “Kestrel” as my username, simply because I’m better known by that moniker in WoW circles. But, that’s why I have the unmistakable “Kestrel’s Aerie” icon.

Hopefully, I’ve shown you how to have your non-Blogspot cake, and eat it too. I know this isn’t a perfect solution, but for me, finding that I am commenting on so many more Blogspot blogs of late, it satisfies my laziness gene a bit more.

  1. TL;DR: Per the Google ToS, you can’t.


4 Responses to How to Redirect Blogger to Your WordPress Blog and Update Your Blogger Identity
  1. Tami
    May 3, 2010 | 13:02

    Bah, I forgot to comment on this. Excellent advice, thank you so much for posting it!

    I have all my blogger blogs turned “off” and my blogger profile links to my actual blog. Still, I did add this into my primary blogger blog, just in case someone managed to find a way to it. =]
    .-= Tami´s latest blog post is Sketchthings =-.

    • Kestrel
      May 3, 2010 | 14:09

      The one problem with all this is, when you comment on a Blogger blog using your Blogger ID, the link takes you to your Blogger profile, not to your actual website. Frustrating, frustrating.

      The whole point of including a link in one’s comments is for a single click to take you there. Maybe I should just get in the habit of including a link to this site in every Blogger comment I make? (I do like having the ability to display an avatar/icon when I comment.)

      Or, maybe I’ll try an OpenID next time…

      • Tami
        May 4, 2010 | 08:42

        I find OpenId to be obnoxious, personally. I can’t remember what hoop they had me jump through that set my lip to curling, but I definitely recall finding them off-putting.

        Unfortunately, adding a link in your comment is considered link-whoring and bad mojo. Though I personally think that a blogger who doesn’t allow direct linking is needlessly crippling their readership from identifying themselves the way they like.

        I feel like a dick asking a blogspot blogger to change their comment-allowances for me so I usually just end up not commenting.

        • Kestrel
          May 4, 2010 | 08:55

          I have a few OpenIDs…but I’ve never actually USED one! I’m going to try to remember to do that next time I see it. I went to MyOpenID (.com, I believe) and set up an ID there…but as I say, I haven’t used it yet, so we’ll see how well I like that.

          As for Blogspot: Generally, if I can’t use the Name/URL option, I will not comment. But I am going to see if it makes it easier on me to use my Blogger ID; I suspect I will be put off by the fact the link is only to my Blogger Profile (not even to a preferred Blogspot blog! Grrrrr).

          But I agree: If I have to ask a blogger to change their blog–I suspect they aren’t all that interested in really hearing any pearls of wisdom I may have to impart. :P

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