Scalability and false economies Nov21


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Scalability and false economies

Do you remember the appliance you purchased a couple of years ago, the one that was 15% cheaper than its competitor? Exactly, the appliance sitting in the back of the cupboard because it really wasn’t right for the job, the one that you have had to replace with the model you should have purchased in the first place. In my day-to-day work as a marketing consultant I see similar examples in business. Websites are a common example – businesses make their decisions based on cost alone and within a very short time discover that the chosen website doesn’t meet their requirements and worse it isn’t scalable and can’t be enhanced. More often than not the only answer is to start again and put the cost of the initial website down to experience. Always think about where you want to be in the medium term (about 2 to 3 years) and ensure that your technology can scale to get you there. For example, you might not be selling directly from your site initially but your goal is to do so – that, unused, capability should be available from day one and added or turned on when ready. It is almost invariably a cheaper and more efficient option.