Search Engine Optimization – Title Weight (Don’t name your website without reading this first) Dec05


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Search Engine Optimization – Title Weight (Don’t name your website without reading this first)

It truly is more of an art, than a science, understanding what exactly a search engine looks for, and how it would relate to a local business, such as our South Bend, Elkhart IN. example. Search engines will not release their sorting process (for obvious reasons that people would take advantage of it), not to mention, they make changes all the time. Here are a few of the basics: 1. They put weighted averages on certain items: In other words, the Website Name will carry a higher weight than the description of the site. The description carries more weight than the content. Information higher in a paragraph may carry more weight than info below, and so one and so forth… 2. They look for “content in keywords:” Let’s look at our example where I typed in “carpet cleaners south bend” into the search bar. First of all, Google will look at the title, and place the majority of the weight on the closest matching Website: Let’s say there are three competing websites in the area: Who do you think is most likely going to show up first??? The first website: – would likely be the lowest ranking. The reason is that although Google and other Search Engines do have “logic” capabilities of sorting what they think are the correct words or phrases, you can’t be fully assured that they understand how or where to separate the words. It doesn’t see the site as South Bend Carpet Cleaners, it sees it just like you see it…As one word. The person would have literally had to type in the whole thing as one word exactly as it appears. The second website: – would be weighted second in-line. A couple important things to note: Dashes in a website name are seen the same way to Google as spaces. Google sees the keywords “Bobs upholstery cleaning”. The first downfall to this site is that people have a tendency to want to put their name in their actual URL (or Website Name). The problem with that is no new prospect will type “Bob’s” anything unless they are searching for Bob already. In other words, Bob is a waste of a word that people type in more often, like Carpet, or South Bend (for area searches). Now, you can make the argument that there is not a single exact matching word in this, so why would it carry so much more weight than the first example? The answer is that search engines also look for relating words. Carpet and Upholstery are often used interchangeably, cleaning is a variation of cleaners, etc. The third website: happens to have three exact matching phrases…Needless to say, it will have the highest weight of the other two examples by a long shot. There are certainly other tweaks that can drawn out even the last example. For more information, feel free to visit my site for other answers, or contact me if you would like to discuss very affordable, simple ways to get your website off the ground.