Search Engine Optimization Vs Landing Page Optimization Nov28


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Search Engine Optimization Vs Landing Page Optimization

This is a very hot topic of today but in general 90% of online marketers are unaware of landing page optimization, though more than 90% can claim that they can do SEO than anyone else. This post really rolls around how to make business online and I will try to explain both these factors (SEO & LPO) as a layman. Let’s compare with the physical world before heading into the virtual world of web. For any business we have 2 designations which play a key role in business development – MARKETING & SALES. Usually the marketing executive bring in the lead and sales executive converts that lead into business or converting lead into sales. Both these guys – market and sales do have sound knowledge about the product but the way of doing their jobs is very much different as marketing executive only tempts the customer to push in and atleast tend to buy something so marketing executive jobs get over here and now the sales guy will lead the game with proper explanation about the product or services to the end customer and do his level best to convert that prospect into real customer. This indeed is very simple but its so complex because in the real world its very difficult to do both marketing and sales…………….So what will you say about the virtual web……its very very difficult to do both marketing and sales. But still there are factors which if followed properly will yield business. So back to our techs of webworld. Since 2005 I gathered a lot of leads via several channels – SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Cold callings, Elance etc. for my internet marketing company – Uniqueweb Technologies and about 85% of clients raised one question “When will I get the business from my website?”, this is really damn tough to say but we have to atleast negotiate over something that we will do this, do that and you will receive the desired ROI to a great extend. Though I am in the web business since 1999 and doing SEO since then when Alta Vista was the King but in that times people were just looking to establish their web presence and rarely they think about any business model from short tail of web. But with the passage of time the monetization of web did started and people look for $ales via their web. Hence then come up the most brilliant way of getting traffic which is nothing but SEO (still one of the best channel), so SEO guys are real marketers i.e. driving customers to the web shop, simple optimizing site by following some rules and here is your plate, serve it. But do you know that SEO Executive can drive tons of traffic via search engines but can they make the customers to buy your product………????????? In general SEO is not to be involved in getting the customer converted but smart SEO guys can accomplish that task also. Ultimately there is what we called as “Landing Page Optimization” which plays a key role in conversion and is simulates a lot of tactics of Sales Executive. Landing page optimization is making the web for the user i.e. creating the pages for the consumers, so you have to think like a customer and not a businessmen. There are several factors which contribute to a better landing pages – Proper navigation – Usage of light colours in website (never use dark background over bright text, its hazier for some people) – Fast loading pages – Call to Action – Toll Free number rotating on each page – Proper support channel (in the form of email, chat, community active for 24X7 if possible) – No broken links (this will tend the visitor to leave the website if he lands on page which is not found, use 404 redirects to avoid this) – Put the logo of brands associated with you (Verisign, BBB online, Digital signatures etc., this will increase confidence and build trust for the online visitors) – Keep your website clean with appropriate content and do run FAQ section too. – Try to create some user engagement model on your site in the form of blog, interactive tool, free widgets etc. it might also create a viral effect. – If you are running any offer do flash it on the homepage itself so that the visitor can be converted to customer instantly. And many more… Last not the least – – Build the strong CRM model for your customers – Be honest in your business – Do proper refund if it’s genuine at clients end So I hope anybody ever read or heard about landing page optimization might get the idea for this great subject, I must say that we all should focus on this besides SEO as this will really build strong relations and will keep our clients always with us. (Retaining a customer is more important than grabbing a new one)