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So Long, 2010…Welcome, 2011! | Kestrel's Aerie

So Long, 2010…Welcome, 2011! | Kestrel's Aerie

So Long, 2010…Welcome, 2011!


In a few hours, the second decade of the second millenium begins. If I were the sort of person who spends a lot of time looking back, I could probably fill a few paragraphs with all the great—and not so great—things I accomplished over the past ten years.

Or, I could look at 2011 as the first year of a new decade, and simply reflect on what I accomplished—and what I failed to accomplish— in 2010.1 If you were to bother to go back to a post of a year ago, I set a lot of goals for myself. I stayed on track for most of those for several months. Then, as often happens, Life intervened, Procrastination reared its ugly head, and OoohShiny! made its recurring appearance. Those three harpies can be hard to combat, and I’m weak. So, I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped.

One accomplishment I am rather happy about, however, was that I successfully completed National Novel Writing Month. And that success is one I intend to build on in the coming year. Taking a page out of Authoress’ book (well, her blog, actually!), I am declaring 2011 as My Year to Complete Writing and Editing My First Novel. Keep in mind (for those of you not so familiar with NaNoWriMo), the objective of the November exercise is to write 50,000 words. And I can argue that what I wrote has a beginning, middle, and ending. On the other hand, I’m not very happy with the ending, and the other two parts need a lot of work as well. So, I intend to flesh out the novel to about 80,000 words, write a real ending, and make it something I’m not hesitant to share with anyone. Of course, I also intend to keep you posted, through this blog, on the progress.

I expect I’ll also do some WoW blogging: I’ve agreed to help out Lassirra at Dungeon Play as a part-time editor, and I may contribute the occasional article there as well.

Speaking of editing, I will continue my “hobby” as a copyeditor, and I expect to start working on Volume 2 of Choose “any day now.”2 I’m also hoping to do some other copyediting throughout the year, as time permits.

Finally, Mrs. Kestrel and I will be doing some traveling in 2011. While all our other plans are still jelling, we’re definitely heading to New Zealand for three weeks on Super Bowl Sunday (I might get to watch it at my brother-in-law’s in Los Angeles, as we wait for our 11 p.m. flight to Melbourne Auckland).

How about you? What’s your major goal (or resolution, if you’re into those) for 2011? I’d love to have you share in the comments!

  1. Just as a point of reference, I pronounce the years from 2010 on as “twenty-ten,” “twenty-eleven,” and so on. So should you: It takes one less syllable than the preceding decade’s “two-thousand-(and-) ten.”
  2. No rush, Tami—honest!


5 Responses to So Long, 2010…Welcome, 2011!
  1. Tami
    December 31, 2010 | 18:13

    *laughs* No rush, but a much needed reminder that I’m not the only one hoping I actually get started on that soon. *hugs* (Have I mentioned how giddy it makes me, that someone actually wants to read my stuff? I hope I never ever ever lose that rush, because it’s awesome.)
    Tami´s latest blog post is Mice- Microphones- Puppies- and a Christmas LlamaMy ComLuv Profile

    • Kestrel
      January 3, 2011 | 08:43

      Now that is a good rush to have, indeed! :)

  2. Mazil
    January 3, 2011 | 00:00

    Happy new year, Steve!

    Melbourne! Such a short hop from there to Tassie-land! *shakes fist at the thought of you launching in and out of Australia* (in all seriousness, though, New Zealand is very gorgeous)

    Goals! I need to write down some goals, maybe as a blog post… *taps chin*. One of my goals is definitely to get my NaNo draft fixed up and semi-presentable as soon as possible!

    • Kestrel
      January 3, 2011 | 08:42

      Happy New Year, Maz!

      Ack! Not Melbourne…Auckland! We’re flying Air New Zealand, not Qantas. :p

      We considered including Oz in our trip (as well as Fiji), but we decided that to really do justice to the time away from home, it would be better to save Oz (and Taz!) for another trip.

      I set a lot of goals last year, and haven’t bothered to go back and review my failures. Instead, one overarching goal this year, and go from there. :)

    • Tami
      January 5, 2011 | 08:50

      NZ > Australia.

      Australia wants to eat you – New Zealand wants to you notice how pretty it is. (I DO. I totally do. Given the choice, NZ all the way.)
      Tami´s latest blog post is Mice- Microphones- Puppies- and a Christmas LlamaMy ComLuv Profile

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