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Anticipation. Interesting word, that. Not quite an emotion, but anticipation can certainly give rise to conflicting emotions. Take the period between the global announcement from the Aliens, four hours after the USA won the 2010 World Cup (a miracle in itself, according to most of the world, including most of the USA), to their actual…

Street of Hope

This is the third story based on a prompt from our Wavewriters group. Today’s prompt: Scent of a baby. My squad was assigned to the south side of the Rue d’Espoir—the Street of Hope. Ironic, that: Our orders were to shoot anything that breathed, or moved. No hope if you were one of the Others….


In Monday’s post, I mentioned some writing friends and I had started using Google’s Wave to discuss writing. One of those Waves is a prompt that Breana puts up each day. Yesterday’s story, “The People,” was the result of one of those prompts (the prompt word was “dweller,” incidentally). Today’s prompt was “drab,” and Tami…

The People

The Eldest woke before the sun, as always. He made his way down the sturdy wooden ladder to the valley floor and walked slowly to the river. Yesterday’s trickle, as he had feared, was no greater this morning. Just six seasons ago, the river had almost filled the valley. Floods had threatened the cliff dwellings…

The Weed

Today’s offering had its genesis in the latest Saucy Wenches podcast from Tami and Iris. The writing prompt for May is “weed” (from Tami) and “towel” (from Iris). Incorporating the two words was pretty easy, but from there…well, let’s just say my muse fled quickly. I make no apology for what follows: My intent was…

The Dictionary

Each episode of the Saucy Wenches Podcast includes a two-word writing prompt. These prompts are intended to spur creative writing, by using the prompt words in a short story. I’ve never taken part in the writing exercise, although I’m one of the podcast’s most loyal listeners. (I’ve even been a guest!) However, I’ve resolved to…

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