Suffer From FACEBOOK STALKER Again Jul24


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Facebook is the most popular social network services. They currently have at least 2 billion active users. They offer many different services relating to social networking. To register a Facebook account and create a Facebook profile, you have to be at least 13 years old and have a valid email address.

Once you register a Facebook account, you will then proceed to create your Facebook profile. After creating your Facebook profile, you can now use any of Facebook services. Facebook services can be accessed easily with any devices that have internet connection. On Facebook, you can post many things, from text to multimedia things like video or images. By default, these posts can be viewed by anyone. But you can change so that only your friends or just you can view them. These privacy settings can be found right there on Facebook post panels. You can also apply these settings to your entire Facebook profiles effectively making it a private Facebook profile. Facebook hidden pictures are example of hidden post. These are photo post but you can do this to any other types of posts, from text to video and other kinds of posts.


Facebook private profile viewer are tools that can circumvent certain privacy setting. Not to be confused with Facebook profile viewer, these viewers have more features and show hidden contents. Facebook hidden pictures are example of hidden contents. Facebook private profile viewer also let you view some of the private profile. They are often used by Facebook stalker who seek to gather information on their target. But these viewers can be used for privacy checkup as they cannot view every hidden or private profiles. Mentioned above, Facebook profile viewer are third party Facebook viewer. But they can only view and browse Facebook. These third-party tools are made by and for people who find original Facebook layout poor and badly made. They are, by far, the most commonly used Facebook third party apps for many different reasons other than Facebook have bad default layout. They are also the easily third-party tools to find on the internet as they are not that complicated to make and easy to maintain. There are other tools you can use to circumventing Facebook privacy settings. That is Facebook scanner. Due to their ability to circumvent Facebook privacy settings, they also used by Facebook stalker. Facebook scanner can scan a profile for hidden contents and other privacy and security vulnerabilities. But like with Facebook private profile viewer, these scanners cannot show all hidden contents. For this reason, you can use these scans to personally perform a privacy checkup to see which of your contents are too easily accessible and whether or not your profiles can be easily accessed. Once you know which of your contents too easily accessible, you can easily take step to address them and make them harder to access. While most of their features are also offered by Facebook, but you can use them as a compliment to your Facebook security checkup.