The Rise of Social Media Sep30


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The Rise of Social Media

  When we think of social networking, we think of Facebook and Twitter. If you think about it, however, a lot more is going on in the social world that these two have done. You might be surprised to find out what has been going on in social media since these two giants first started to make their presence known. The first major social networking that took place was a lot of online games and sites dedicated to video games. You could do things like play games online, or go back and play old favorites like Super Mario. If you were on a slow internet connection, this would be an excellent way to stay in touch with your friends and family while you waited for the internet to get faster. You could also use it to socialize with other people and interact with them about any number of things. However, video games have now taken center stage, and social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have become an integral part of everyday life. People can keep in touch through these sites and meet new people with whom they can share all kinds of information about themselves. Some of the things they post on these sites may even be quite embarrassing, but if you know how to handle your privacy settings on these sites, you can still have a good time and have fun. For many people, the only way to meet people is through dating sites, which allow you to build a relationship before you actually do anything else. These sites can connect you to like-minded people who share similar interests as you do. They are also a great way to meet new people and meet people who already share the same interests as you do. Some people have found a home online, using the many web 2.0 sites. Sites like Google+ and Facebook are a great way to make friends, keep in touch with your friends, and start to network with the people you care about. This makes it much easier for you to meet people in person, because the social networks that these sites provide allow you to connect with people from all over the world, rather than just your local area. If you want to meet people in person, but you don’t want to risk meeting someone face to face, these are your best bet. While you may not realize it right now, social media is changing at a rapid pace. The internet is going to change, and continue to change, but this change will probably not be as dramatic as it is today.