Top 10 jobs working from home on computer Apr10


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Top 10 jobs working from home on computer

More and More People are looking for jobs to do from home. Be it stay at home mom’s, people looking to start a new career, people looking to leave their current job, people wanting to be their own boss, and people that just maybe want some extra income. This is a list of the top 10 jobs working from home on computer in no particular order. 1. Customer service: Companies all over the world are hiring people as customer service techs to work from home. It’s a great job you can do from home to earn income. While gaining the skills of communicating with people on a daily bases. Customer service techs make a decent in come at $35,144 – $49,760. Best part, you don’t need to leave your house to go to the office. 2. Freelance writing/Editing: If you like or love writing you could become or work for a freelance writing company . People will pay you to write for their blog, write articles and content for there websites. Or edit and improve on content they themselves have written. You can usually charge anywhere $5 -10 per article, blog post, or site content you write. Sometimes more. Depending on what the customer wants. For jobs working from home on computer this is probably the one with the least training to get into. Just got to have a love for writing. A great place to start you own freelance company is 3. Internet marketing/Affiliate marketing: As for jobs working from home on computer, affiliate marketing has a lot of earning potential for people that pick this root. The sky is really the limit with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is sell or promoting something else products or services for a profit. With commissions ranging anywhere from 3%-75%. 4. Travel Agent: At home travel agents have been growing in popularity. How much you can earn as a at home travel agent can very. But like affiliate marketing how much you make is really up to you and how much work you’re willing to put in. 5. Web Developer/Designer: You can make a good living as a web designer. But you have to have the technique know how of how to build a web page, coding and HTML. This probably the biggest learning cure on this list of top 10 jobs working from home on computer. 6. Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is someone that assist online. Your pretty much as assistant but you don’t leave you home it’s all online. Virtual assistants also known as VA’s have became very popular over the years, and can charge anywhere from $10-$100 per hour. Depend on the type of work and contract. 7. Consulting: You can start a consulting firm helping people with the knowledge you have. Just think what are you an expert in and start with that. For jobs working from home on computer this the one is great if you love the feeling of helping and teaching people. 8. Online Store/Drop shipping: You can start an online store with a dropping shipping service. What you do is you find a company will to let you sell their products wholesale and you keep the profit. Just Google drop-shipping services or wholesale. 9. Wedding planning/Partying-planning service: You could start you own wedding planning or partying planning company online. Start a website and build your client base do you homework on Google. 10. Advertising: If you have a website or blog that gets a lot of traffic a month you can make money from it. By charge people an advertising fee to advertise on your website or blog. This list in my view is the best jobs working from home on computer someone could do.