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Weekly Wrap-Up: June 14 | Kestrel's Aerie

Weekly Wrap-Up: June 14 | Kestrel's Aerie

Weekly Wrap-Up: June 14

What Is This?

Every Monday, I document the happenings of the past week. The original (and still primary) intent is to track my progress in meeting my writing goals. Increasingly, I’ve been discussing more than just writing. For example, I’m a sports nut, so occasionally I’ll throw in a sports tidbit. I may talk about World of Warcraft, do-it-yourself projects, travel, food, or beer and wine. I think potpourri fits very well. *grins*


Weekly Word Count

My weekly goal is 2,000 words. I use an Excel spreadsheet to track all my work by category (blog post, copyediting work, creative writing) and item. So all I need to do is add up the “words” column and I’m good to go. Blog posts and creative writing count full credit. Copyediting for other writers is counted at ten percent of the starting word count for the document; style sheets for that copyediting will count twenty-five percent. Editing my own work, if and when I get to that point, will count fifty percent of the starting word count. This week’s word count: 1,258.

  • Blog Post: “Weekly Wrap-Up: June 7,” 1,258 words

Yeah, that’s it. I’m not really proud of that (especially with respect to the blog: it seems my blogging flame is barely flickering of late), but I’m not especially ashamed. I’m currently evaluating my outlook on writing of all kinds. I am still thoroughly enjoying each opportunity to do copyediting, but I seem to much more easily enjoy and thrive on the writing of others than of my own. I’ve lost the passion for writing at the moment, but I think a good part of the reason is I’m not sure where my passions lay. Some introspection is in order.


World Cup 2010

Much of the rest of my week was taken up by watching (and tweeting about) the 2010 World Cup, being staged in the Republic of South Africa from June 11 – July 11. I am a true fan, having been a referee for many years, until a pulled hamstring a dozen or more years ago put an end to my career in short pants and long socks.

I know many of you are not sports fans, and certainly not soccer fans. For Americans especially, it’s difficult to understand the appeal of a game where a tie can often be considered a huge victory (such as the USA’s 1–1 draw with England on Saturday), and scoring is rare (notwithstanding Germany’s 4–0 thrashing of Australia on Sunday).

One observation for those of you who are fans, though: I’ve thought the refereeing so far in this World Cup deserves at least a B+ grade, if not perhaps an A-. I recall one decision in the USA-England match with which I disagreed (and that was probably colored by by pro-USA bias), and an ejection of an Australian player yesterday (a yellow card caution was certainly warranted, but the red card was a bit extreme, I thought).

In any event, I’m hopeful the US side continues its excellent play, and I foresee a distinct possibility of qualifying for the semifinals if we stay aggressive and use our superior conditioning to our advantage. However, my realistic pick for the championship is Spain, with the Netherlands and Germany both challenging. I haven’t seen Brazil play yet, but they are always dangerous, and Argentina appears to be poised for a deep run as well. Italy, the reigning World Cup champions, can’t be totally discounted, but I think France, runners-up in 2006, can be (especially considering they really shouldn’t even be in South Africa).

SongGenie 2

I plan to do a more in-depth review on this Mac-only software soon, but I wanted to mention what an excellent tool it is for cataloguing your music library on your computer. I’ve used many different programs to try to collect song and album information, including album artwork, and believe me, none are perfect. Neither is SongGenie, but it does a better job, by far, than anything else I’ve used. One of the best features is that it will attempt (often successfully) to pull in song lyrics and attach those to the song’s information file. In tandem with the separate CoverScout, it also does a superb job of finding album art, although there are some idiosyncrasies with attaching the same piece of art to all songs on an album.

UCLA Softball and Baseball

Finally a note about my alma mater.

Congratulations to the UCLA women’s softball team on winning its 12th NCAA Division I championship over arch-nemesis, the University of Arizona. The championship is the 106th overall NCAA Championship for UCLA, more than any other school.

And congratulations to the Bruins’ men’s baseball team on moving on to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, after taking two of three from California State University – Fullerton in this weekend’s Super Regional at Jackie Robinson Stadium at UCLA.

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